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Welcome to Caravans for Calais and Beyond

Shelter and Mobile Crisis Support Units for Humanitarian Crisis

This is project that places caravans other mobile support units (including but not exclusive to caravan, catering trailer, van, lorry, bus or trailer tent ) into humanitarian crisis situations, In particular Calais and other part of Europe.

Use the menu above to navigate the website where you can click to donate funds, donate a caravan or volunteer as a driver. You can also view some of our outcomes.

All of the ‘action’ is in our Facebook discussion group so please join to chat with our coordinators who chit chat and arrange for caravans to be shipped over to “The Jungle” in Calais.

Here are three of the caravans that went over in the first few weeks!

The first few that we sent over were *self funded caravans for volunteer, medics, kitchen, dentist and a few family assessment units. We took a big leap of faith that the caravans and trailer tents would even get into ‘The Jungle’ unchallenged – BUT – they did, and so now we feel confident to send them over to offer them to vulnerable families/people. There are already a few families settling nicely in. You won’t see photos because we feel it’s invasive unless they offer.
*Self Funded means that that projects gave us funds specifically to buy caravans for their projects/volunteers.

Our charitable structure is a Not For Profit Organisation Shropshire Loves Community Interest Company 9907807.

This is one of the early caravans, funded by Liz Gall along with 8 other caravans. Here's Nathan on 3rd October in the doorway after treating 200 people in a weekend! We had to test the project without using our own donated funds to make sure the caravans would be accepted! Now they do - we can focus on housing refugees.

Kitchen for Calais is one of the early self funded caravans that we had to sneak in between the family ones arriving. Sofinee wouldn't even ask us for help, it was someone else on her behalf, but the work she does is incredible and she's feeding hundreds of people every day. Between this she is busy installing cooking facilities all over the camp. Sofinee proudly blogs about her caravan use on Facebook.

Caravan of Love was donated and now has a multitude of uses. It was used as a base for volunteers for the 'Big Clean Up' in September, improving the living conditions. We paid £150 towards getting it over because it was crucial for this base to be on site. We will struggle to put pictures up of families occupying caravans because we respect their privacy, but we will be sure to tell the the outcomes 'respectfully' on the outcome page.

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